About Us

Lay It On Thick Boutique is a safe haven for the stylish, trendy curvy woman to shop. This boutique caters to the plus size, curvy, BBW Woman 14-26. Lay It On Thick Boutique Owner and creator Shawna Seymore is a curvy plus size woman herself.

She is EVERYTHING FASHION and loves  to make bright bold statements when she dresses. Unfortunately, having the fashion eye but not the fashion body, left her frustrated because the clothes in her size were either too big, too tight, had too much lycra in the material making it look cheap or it was too granny looking.

So she self taught herself how to sew and started making her own clothes, creating her own style. However that task was very demanding and it took A LOT to produce a garment to satisfy her fashion taste because of her full time job. She still designs and sews clothes and you will see some of her pieces on this very website under She Sows very soon.

So it was back to the boring, everyone walking around looking like twins retail stores, but something happened in 2017, Shawna was web surfing and came across some beautiful stylist plus size clothes that wasn't boring or plain, Actually there was a whole variety of clothes to choose from. The catch was, it was a wholesale store who only sold to legit retailers. So that dream was put on the back burner still cooking but being put on the plate yet.

On August 5, 2019 Shawna sustained an unfortunate leg injury that put her out of work and on crutches for over a  month. Before that happened, a few months prior, Shawna had been training herself to hear Gods Voice and speak the life she wanted into existence.

She started researching all day and and night about starting a online Boutique, the in and the outs, the ups and the downs and on Sept 1, 2019 Lay It On Boutique was born. Shawna went to a notebook and saw a decree she wrote 2 months ago and it said "I WILL BECOME A BOUTIQUE OWNER." Shawna totally forgot about it but GOD didn't.

I pray that as you shop at Lay It On Thick Boutique, you'll find confidence, style, self-love and some great pieces.

God Bless,

Shawna Seymore, Owner